Uniteis e.V.

Uniteis e.V. is the association of Italian artisan gelatieri in Germany. It was founded in 1969 in Cologne and is based in Berlin. It has around 900 members, representing 1,500 gelato parlours throughout Germany.

Uniteis e.V. represents the interests of artisan gelatieri in Germany and is committed to support and protect the category at trade union and public level.

Uniteis e.V. promotes the dissemination of the “gelato-culture” among German consumers, i.e. the knowledge of the special characteristics of Italian gelato and related traditions.

Uniteis e.V. protects the production of authentic artisanal gelato, according to the “Orig.Ital.Eis” (original Italian gelato) motion. It has developed the regulations and hygiene guidelines for the production of gelato, which have been adopted as a benchmark in Germany and many European states.

Uniteis e.V. has founded its own association magazine ‘Uniteis News’, which provides its members with bi-monthly information on trade union news and of interest to the trade, the profession and the product.

It has a press office, which handles relations with the German media and journalists, publishing and defending the image of artisan gelato.

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