ACECCAT – Cloud Computing Business Association of Catalonia is a non-profit organization that brings together entrepreneurs from the ICT sector, specially businessmen representing companies offering services related to new information technologies based on cloud. A new way to provide more skills, more eficient logistics operations and new digital resources to small, medium and large enterprises.

Our mission is to develop Smart Tourism Destination in tourism enviroments that generate sustainable enviroments and generate a new economy that benefits the entire community.

Smart Tourisme Destination

A competitive destination in one that not only adequately manages resources and services, but also applies a series of integrated technological tools focused on the tourist to generate high-value experiences.

The accelarate development of new technologies and the growing phenomenon of the popularization of the possesion of a Smart device, capable of accesing digital information from anywhere in the world through the internet, allows local tourisme management organizations to explore the potential synergies between tourists and the tourism offer the enhance and enrich their travel experience.

The Smart Tourism allows visitors to learn about all the activities and services available to them so that they can effectively and efficiently plan their tourism experience.

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