Parco Dolomiti Friulane

The Dolomiti Friulane Natural Park is the largest of the two parks in Friuli Venezia Giulia: with an area of 36,950 hectares. It is rich in unique flora and fauna, is part of the UNESCO Foundation and is part of the Natura2000 European network. It encompasses the areas of 9 different municipalities and, in addition to guaranteeing the protection and conservation of natural areas as a holder of the European EMAS certification, it also transposes its principles linked to environmental sustainability into the local businesses, through the emission of a specific Quality Label. In addition, Claut (Frazione Cellino), one of the Municipalities within the park, is famous as the land of origin of the most famous Italian gelato producers all over the world. In the GELATOn the ROAD project the agricultural businesses within the area, which possess the quality label, would become aware of the value chain that will be created around the concept of “artisan gelato”.

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