Council of Europe

The Council of Europe is an international organisation founded in the wake of World War II to uphold human rights, democracy, and the rule of law in Europe. In particular, in the GELATOn the ROAD project, it will participate with its office in Venice. The Council of Europe is strongly involved in the promotion of cultural tourism, with a specific attention to cultural routes and transnational itineraries. Indeed, it is the promoter of “The Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe: a European Heritage” program, for the promotion of the European cultural heritage in different thematic (history, art, food, etc.). In the project it will provide support within the internalisation of the road, and specifically its role will be to mediate the dialogue between EU partners and international players interested in taking part in the gelato road, as CoE already supports cultural itineraries regarding European food products. Moreover, thanks to its great relevance and visibility at the international level, it will contribute to the dissemination of the project activities and results.

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