Gelato Contest

Sustainable Scoops: GELATOn THE ROAD's Local Flavor Competition

The event

Craft a gelato from local ingredients, submit your recipe, and present your creation during the competition, emphasizing themes like locality and sustainability.

Prize for the Winners

The Winner and runner-ups will win a prize voucher respectively of 5.000 €, 3.000 € and 2.000 €

Itinerant Contest

12 gelato qualifications round across all Europe


After the qualification rounds, the Finals will take place in Longarone (Italy)

Are you a gelato lover and a gelato maker? Do you want to showcase your skills and creativity, while supporting local and sustainable ingredients? Then join the Sustainable Scoops: GELATOn THE ROAD’s Local Flavor Competition!

This competition is a unique opportunity to spotlight and elevate the artistry and professionalism of gelato makers, aligning with the values of GELATOn THE ROAD, a project that promotes the culture and history of gelato around the world.

The competition is simple: craft a delicious gelato from local ingredients, submit your detailed recipe, and present your creation during the competition, emphasizing themes like locality and sustainability. You can use pre-prepared gelato or make it on-site, following hygiene regulations and wearing gelato maker uniforms.

The competition has two phases: qualification and final. It is open to gelato professionals in each participating region, who must pre-register through the project website. Each region may set a limit on the number of entries, potentially requiring a pre-qualification round. Participation is encouraged and free, subject to adherence to strict sustainability guidelines.

The presentation and evaluation will be held during the GELATOn THE ROAD Pop-Up-Museum events, which will travel to different locations and celebrate the diversity and richness of gelato. The itinerary and locality details will be announced later. The gelato with the most points from both the jury and the public will be declared the winner, and the runner-up will also be awarded.

The awards include certificates and gadgets for all contestants, personalized certificates and a spot in the grand finale for the winners of the qualifying phases, and vouchers for eco-friendly gelato-making machinery for the top three winners. The 12 winners of the qualifying phases will also be invited to the final phase in Longarone, Italy, where they will compete for the ultimate prize and glory, with covered travel and accommodation expenses.

The competition will also receive extensive publicity through presentations, press releases, interviews, and videos, highlighting the talent and innovation of the gelato makers and the impact of gelato on local communities and the global culinary landscape.

The project disclaims responsibility for any damages that may occur during the event, and reserves the right to make changes to the regulations, with the outcomes resting on the jury’s judgment.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Sustainable Scoops: GELATOn THE ROAD’s Local Flavor Competition and celebrate the art and joy of gelato making!

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