European Training and Research Institute

ETRI is a regionally and globally operating interdisciplinary non-profit organisation and network of experts with national and international partners and an extensive product and service portfolio. ETRI was established in 2002, focusing on research cooperation, training, innovative technologies and internationalisation. The ETRI headquarter and Life Long Learning Centre (L3) is situated in Jennersdorf (Österreich) in the three-country border area: Slovenia, Hungary and Austria. A project office and seminar rooms are located in Vienna. A team of skilled and experienced Scientific and Business Community professionals manages it. ETRI common goals are based on the ETRI 4.I approach (Innovation, Interdisciplinary, International, Individual) putting the Human in the Centre. ETRI connects partners from all areas, especially economy, technology, research and development, universities and schools, and other notable institutions, to solve problems and establish cooperation and research networks. ETRI has international clients and partners in curricula development and acts as a logistics, supply chain, process, renewable energy, sustainability and project management training institute. The diploma courses in logistics and supply chain management are based on ISO 17024 personal certification. Furthermore, ETRI specialises in networking and the organisation of international expert missions and conferences.

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