European Road Of Gelato

The Road and Cultural Tour concept is the main approach and methodology behind the project. It will be developed and based on historic facts (the Grand Tour, that involved the main cities and areas of artistic and cultural interest in Europe during the 18th and 19th centuries), following a geographical connection of the involved countries but also the historic spread of artisanal gelato in Europe.

It refers to an itinerary throughout European regions guiding the visitors to the most meaningful places about gelato production or information. The European Road of Gelato (ERoG) is both a physical itinerary to invite tourists to visit the sites connected to gelato culture and an immaterial network among realities that have common interests and experiences in this sector. The Road is a way to catch the attention and attract visitors towards both the topic of gelato making and the regions where this product is mostly produced.

Around the concept of the Road, the project will also build other activities, such as the assessment of quality and sustainability of the product, the mapping of stakeholders and ingredients providers, creation of a EU label, an itinerant museum, and more activities to train professionals and disseminate about project contents.

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