Rzeszow Regional Development Agency

RRDA – Rzeszow Regional Development Agency is a public body, established in 1993 by the self-government of Podkarpackie Region. Its objective is to support the development of the region, to improve the quality and standard of life, and to advertise and promote the possibilities offered by the region. RRDA was the first institution in Podkarpackie Region supporting and granting new social initiatives, especially the development of social enterprises. From 2007 RRDA is a regional support institution for social economy in Podkarpackie Region. RRDA provides training and consulting services for local SME’s. It supports local businesses an well as local non-government organisations. It is engaged in number of projects including projects related to local tradition, food, craft and history of Podkarpackie region. RRDA promotes local products and ingredients and the involvement of local producers in international initiatives.

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