Istrian de Dignan

Association ISTRIAN DE DIGNAN – ECOMUSEUM is a non-profit organisation in Vodnjan-Dignano, Istria, Croatia. It aims to improve the local community, quality of life by valuing and preserving its resources, fostering cooperation and solidarity. The association focuses on researching, preserving, and promoting the regional rural cultural heritage and traditions. It also values localproducts and aims to establish Vodnjan-Dignano as a prosperous territory with high-quality natural products.The Ecomuseum operates in three locations. The House of Traditions; serves as a museum, showcasing rural life and ancestral tools. It hosts cultural, artistic, sports, gastronomic, religious and ecological events. Didactic Farm: educates new generations about good food values and producers and farmers about innovative farming techniques. It cultivates land, raises local animals, and promotes onotherapy for disabled children and adults. The Museum of Local products – ecoLAB; processes farm products and offers a space for small producers. The Ecomuseum actively supports local producers through workshops, debates, and information desks about EU programs. In 2019, the association became a part of the global Slow food movement and was recognized as the best example in Europe in the preservation of the agri-food heritage of Istria in promotion and preservation of the traditional resources of Istrian County. Additionally, it established the INTERNATURAL college, offering lifelong learning programs in agriculture, sustainability, tourism, and more. As an active partner in the International Development Centre, the Ecomuseum encourages sustainable development through education, networking, and collaboration. It participates in local and international events, such as festivals and fairs, and organises courses and workshops on local product valorization. The association is committed to biodiversity conservation through initiatives like The Ark of Taste and Presidia projects. The Ecomuseum collaborates with public sector actors, civil society organisations, tourism enterprises, and research institutes to exchange best practices. In addition to its educational activities, the Ecomuseum runs the Didactic Farm project, which engages local elementary school children in green thinking and traditional food appreciation. Guided tours and exhibitions take place at the House of Traditions, showcasing Istrian cultural identity.

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