The GELATOn the ROAD’s Manifesto serves as a pivotal document for our project, encapsulating its essence and purpose. 

Project Logic and Goals: 

The manifesto outlines our project’s aims and objectives. It’s a compass guiding us toward transparency and cultural enrichment in the realm of tourism. Specifically, fostering gastronomy and cultural tourism. 

Within this document, you’ll find the vision and mission of the European Road of Gelato.

Gelaton the road Manifesto
Gelato on the Road Manifesto

Historical Insights: 

Gelato, that delightful frozen treat, has a fascinating backstory. Its origins trace back to a shared narrative that begins in China and eventually winds its way to Italy, courtesy of the Arabs. 

However, each partner country has woven its own unique thread into the gelato tapestry. National nuances, evolution, historical context, and best practices. These are the rich layers we delve into. 

Quality and Sustainability: 

The Manifesto isn’t just about storytelling; it’s practical too. We delve into the nitty-gritty: 

Sustainability criteria: We explore aspects related to production (processes, machinery, and sourcing of local km0 ingredients). 

Quality criteria: Here, we focus on the artisanal methods employed by gelato makers. The goal is to ensure top-notch gelato quality while maintaining sustainability throughout the production cycle. 

Gelaton the road manifesto

The Ultimate Goal: 

The Manifesto culminates in a powerful objective: building an international network of artisanal gelato makers who align with our principles. 

How do we achieve this? Through collaborative efforts of all the participants and members of this project. While the original content is in English, each partner can ask at for a translated copy of one of the partner’s languages (Italian, German, Greek, French, Spanish, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Polish and Slovenian).


GELATOn the ROAD vision encompasses high-quality ingredients, drawing from local and traditional sources. They prioritize environmental sustainability and energetically sustainable practices. Above all, GELATOn the ROAD thrives on innovation and creativity.


GELATOn the ROAD mission is to foster gastronomy and cultural tourism, celebrating gelato as a culinary art form. They create a network of artisanal gelato makers, encouraging collaboration and knowledge exchange. By championing local, innovative, and creative gelato flavors, they improve the economy around gelato. And through it all, GELATOn the ROAD becomes a conduit for sharing the rich history and cultural significance of gelato across Europe.

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