Regional Development Agency ROD Ajdovščina

Regional Development Agency ROD (Ajdovščina, Slovenia) focuses on community development using the bottom up approach. ROD perceives the needs of the local environment, takes into account community initiatives and strengthens interregional cooperation. They fulfill this part of the mission by promoting an entrepreneurial mindset and developing entrepreneurial values, especially among young people. Through its work, ROD also contributes to the development of rural areas, agriculture and also the promotion of the use of locally produced products. In order to consolidate the path to entrepreneurship, ROD performs the tasks of managing and promoting investment opportunities in the Goriška (Severna Primorska) region, that lies in the southwestern part of Slovenia. They are involved in tourism promotion activities and offer advice and assistance in applying for calls for proposals. ROD fulfill its mission by respecting the principles of sustainable development and respecting coherent environmental planning.

As part of this mission, ROD is the organiser of the annual Festival Okusi Vipavske (Flavours of the Vipava Valley Festival), that pays homage to the locally grown and produced wine and food. This traditional event draws the finest winemakers, fruit and vegetable growers. It offers visitors premium wines and superior culinary creations, fascinating workshops and demonstrations, as well as a market of local delicacies, specialty wines from abroad, and a surprise event with chef Tomaž Kavčič. Moreover, ROD supports The Borjač market which brings together local food suppliers and processors, and in this way we promote short supply chains. The portal was ranked among the 6 best sustainable stories in the world.

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