Gelato Makers

Gelato is a food product created by a craftsman who combines his own dexterity with an accurate choice of ingredients. There are various types of gelato; the best known are milk-based and fruit-based.

Milk-based gelato

Milk-based gelato is made by combining noble animal fats derived from milk, cream, and other dairy products with various sugars and flavoring agents such as cocoa, vanilla berries, pistachios, hazelnuts, and so on. The usage of fresh, frozen, or cryogenised eggs is anticipated, particularly for creams.

Fruit gelato

Fruit gelato is designed to be made with at least 25% fresh, frozen, or pureed fruit to provide the distinguishing flavor. Fruit ice creams can be classified sorbets when no milk is used.

The gelato maker, prepares the mixtures in liquid form, carrying out the ‘pastorizzazione’ process (if using eggs and milk): this process involves heating the mixture to 85/90 degrees Celsius and then rapidly decreasing the temperature.

To give the product a solid structure, it is exposed to a ‘mantecazione’ procedure, which involves shaking and scraping the surface of a cylinder cooled by a cold source to bring the product to a temperature of -10/-12 degrees centigrade. During this process a natural insufflation of air takes place, giving creaminess to the product and increasing its volume (overrun).

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