Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (CCIS) is an independent, modern and responsible non-budgetary institution, a national association of all Serbian businesspeople, which serves the best interests of its members and the Serbian economy, owing to its tradition, experience and knowledge. CCIS is defined by the Law as an association of companies and entrepreneurs. 

A 165-year tradition of the Serbian chamber system and the developed chamber network, Representative Offices abroad, are the guarantor of efficient implementation of the support mechanisms for the economy and businesspeople in their activities.

Linking the entire Serbia΄s economy in a single system, classified by economic sectors in 18 business associations and by regions in 17 regional chambers, including the City of Belgrade. Key commitment is to make Serbia visible as a market economy country, with investment opportunities, open borders, and ready to join the European trends in a competitive way.

CCIS Representative Offices and Associates Abroad

Through the work of representative offices in multiple European countries, Middle East and Asia, the main foreign trade partners, special significance is given to the internationalization of business, as well as to the international connectedness of domestic economy.

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