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Empowering Youth & Sustainable GelatOn

May 20

“Sustainable GelatOn: Learning and Planting with Young Minds” & “Empowering Youth: Sustainability Workshops and GelatOn tasting”

As part of the GelatOn the Road project consortium’s ongoing efforts to promote sustainability and celebrate the art of gelato making, DomSpain recently organized two events in Reus, Spain. These initiatives aimed to educate young people and engage the community while promoting the upcoming Gelato Contest in their city.

In a joint effort, DomSpain visited a local school in Reus to spend an afternoon with a class of enthusiastic five-year-olds. The aim was to introduce these young kids to the concept of sustainability and the wonders of gelato making.

The event began with an interactive lesson introducing the basic tools used to make and enjoy gelato, as well as the natural ingredients used to make this popular treat. The children were curious when the discussion turned to the topic of sustainability. DomSpain used storytelling to explain the concepts of recycling, the importance of buying local products, and how this contributes to a healthier planet.

To make these ideas more tangible, the children were allowed to plant strawberry seeds. The hands-on activity allowed them to experience first-hand how one of the main ingredients in gelato grows, nurturing their understanding of where food comes from. The recipients used to plant the seeds were old yoghurt cups that the kids had been keeping during the week. The session finished with a fun tasting session where they enjoyed delicious gelato supplied by DomSpain from one of the talented gelato makers who will be taking part in next year’s competition.

DomSpain (Reus, Spain)

The second event welcomed a group of slightly older students to DomSpain’s premises in Reus. Building on the foundations laid with the younger children, the concepts of sustainability and personal responsibility were explored in greater depth.

The activities were more participatory and encouraged the students to think critically about how they can incorporate sustainable practices into their daily lives. Topics such as waste minimization, energy saving, and the importance of supporting local producers were discussed. These interactive sessions were not only educational but also aimed to empower students to become ambassadors of sustainability in their communities.

At the conclusion of the two events, students and their families were warmly invited to participate in next year’s GelatOn the Road contest in Reus. Each participant received a flyer with detailed information about the event and was encouraged to try the innovative and delicious creations of our artisan gelato makers.

These activities are part of a wider initiative within the GelatOn the Road project, which aims to strengthen the circular economy, promote the use of renewable resources, and share best practices in sustainable cultural tourism. By starting with the youngest members of the community, the project hopes to instill a lasting appreciation for sustainability and local gastronomy.


May 20


Reus, Spain



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