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‘GELATO as it Used to Be’ Cooking Shows


Journey through GELATO History: 'GELATO as it Used to Be' – Live GELATO Cooking Shows and interesting facts about GELATOn the ROAD For all gelato enthusiasts and nostalgics alike, a unique culinary event series and informational sessions took place from April 22, 2024, to April 27, 2024, in collaboration with the Italian Gelato Association in...

Sustainable Scoops: GELATOn THE ROAD’s Local Flavor Competition

Sustainable Scoops: GELATOn THE ROAD's Local Flavor Competition   Are you a gelato lover and a gelato maker? Do you want to showcase your skills and creativity, while supporting local and sustainable ingredients? Then join the Sustainable Scoops: GELATOn THE ROAD's Local Flavor Competition! This competition is a unique opportunity to spotlight and elevate the...

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