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Gelato Academy – New gelato creations combine tradition and innovation

June 10

On June 10, 2024, the city of St. Pölten in Lower Austria played host to a unique culinary event, the “Gelato Academy” organized by the European Training and Research Institute (ETRI). This event was a remarkable blend of tradition and innovation, showcasing new gelato creations that highlighted the rich culinary heritage and modern advancements in gelato making.

The Gelato Academy event was a collaborative effort involving the Urban Diversity Education Campus PH Wien, Stoelner Gastrotechnik, and ETRI. The state-of-the-art gelato competence center of Stoelner Gastrotechnik provided the perfect setting for this event, where students and experts came together to create new, sustainable gelato flavors.

The event marked the creation of four distinct gelato flavors: pumpkin seed oil, poppy seed, rhubarb, and chocolate with apricot. Each flavor was developed using sustainable, regional ingredients, embodying the essence of Austrian culinary traditions while embracing modern gelato-making techniques.

  1. Pumpkin Seed Oil Gelato:
    • Ingredients: Styrian pumpkin seed puree, pumpkin seed oil, roasted pumpkin seeds.
    • Highlight: The nutty, deep green flavor of pumpkin seed oil, known as the “green gold of Styria,” symbolized quality and tradition in Austrian cuisine. The pumpkin seed oil carries the EU protection of origin, “protected geographical indication (PGI).”
  2. Poppy Seed Gelato:
    • Ingredients: Waldviertel grey poppy seeds (PDO), sugar from Vienna, salt from Upper Austria, cream from Salzburg, potatoes from Styria, spelt crumbs from Burgenland, cranberries from Carinthia, milk from Tyrol, butter from Vorarlberg.
    • Highlight: This gelato, also known as Austria gelato, featured an authentic regional flavor, enhanced with a topping of cranberries, spelt butter crumbs, and potato spuma.
  3. Rhubarb Gelato:
    • Ingredients: Rhubarb, known for its sweet and sour flavor and high mineral content.
    • Highlight: Rhubarb, a staple in Viennese cuisine, was expertly transformed into a gelato flavor that added diversity to the range.
  4. Chocolate with Apricot Gelato:
    • Ingredients: Organic chocolate from Zotter, Wachauer Marille (apricot).
    • Highlight: This flavor combined the rich taste of Zotter organic chocolate with the fruity, slightly tart flavor of Wachauer Marille, a product of the UNESCO World Heritage region. The gelato was refined with an apricot topping and chocolate sprinkles.

Under the guidance of Wolfgang Steininger and Benjamin Munz, gelato experts from the Gelato Academy, students were introduced to the intricacies of producing high-quality artisanal gelato. They learned to operate innovative gelato machines and were involved in refining the new recipes. This hands-on experience was invaluable in providing practical skills and enhancing their understanding of balancing traditional recipes with modern technology.

The event underscored the importance of using sustainable, regional ingredients. Each gelato flavor highlighted Austria’s cultural and culinary diversity, reflecting the potential of traditional ingredients in contemporary creations. The collaboration emphasized the integration of traditional knowledge with modern technology, adhering to high production standards, food law regulations, and hygiene requirements.

The Gelato Academy event at the Urban Diversity Education Campus PH Wien was a resounding success. It demonstrated the potential of cooperative efforts between educational institutions, regional sustainable agriculture, and traditional gelato craftsmanship. This event was a part of the EU-co-funded project GELATOn the ROAD (CREATIVE EUROPE project), aiming to transform raw materials from sustainable agriculture into modern, creative gelato flavors.

The innovative gelato flavors created during this event delighted the guests at the 2024 Summer Festival, showcasing the successful blend of tradition, sustainability, and modern technology. This collaboration inspires hope for a future where culinary and cultural diversity thrive alongside sustainability, paving the way for more such innovative endeavors.


June 10





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