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‘GELATO as it Used to Be’ Cooking Shows

April 22 - April 27

Journey through GELATO History: ‘GELATO as it Used to Be’ – Live GELATO Cooking Shows and interesting facts about GELATOn the ROAD

For all gelato enthusiasts and nostalgics alike, a unique culinary event series and informational sessions took place from April 22, 2024, to April 27, 2024, in collaboration with the Italian Gelato Association in Austria (A.G.I.O.), and the European Training and Research Institute (ETRI): ‘GELATO as it Used to Be’ – Live GELATO Cooking Shows featuring artisan GELATO, freshly made ice cones, and the ‘GELATOn the ROAD’ project (co-funded by the European Union). This innovative series was unfold over six days at six unique locations in Vienna. A highlight was the presentation on the history of GELATO and ‘GELATOn the ROAD’ at Palazzo Metternich, the seat of the Italian Embassy in Vienna, on April 23, 2024.

During the live GELATO cooking shows, running from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM each day, attendees were introduced to the world of traditional Italian GELATO and ice cone production. The ‘GELATOn the ROAD’ project, involving partners from 12 countries, including Bulgaria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, and Spain, was also showcased. Experienced GELATO masters from the Zoldo Valle y in the Dolomites, Italy, have demonstrated the art of GELATO making using their 120 year old, hand operated ‘GELATO machine,’ cooled only with ice and salt, alongside live production of ice cones. Carefully selected ingredients and authentic recipes have been employed throughout. Each event offered an opportunity to explore the history and artisanship behind GELATO, be informed about the significance of the ‘European Road of Gelato (ERoG) GELATOn the ROAD initiative’, and enjoy freshly made GELATO in cones free of charge on site.


The live GELATO cooking shows ‘GELATO as it Used to Be’ offered a unique experience. It was not just an event for gourmets but also a tribute to the values of tradition and quality. Those who attended were treated to a taste journey that transported them to a time when GELATO was a nd still is crafted with joy, care, and passion. The events also provided insights into the ‘GELATOn the ROAD’ project co-financed by the European Union.

Over 2000 people took the opportunity to learn and discuss fascinating facts about the European ‘GELATOn the ROAD’ project and GELATO during six days full of rain, sunshine and temperatures between 8°C and 21°C at the live GELATO cooking shows ‘GELATO as it Used to Be’ as well as to experience and taste the GELATO production live on site in the historic 120 year old, hand operated ‘GELATO machine’ which is cooled only with ice and salt, including the associated ice cone s production, and to get to know the Gelatieri personally.


April 22
April 27




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